Plan B: You can concentrate on your company’s own services. Monitoring and Maintenance Plan.

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monitoring maintenance B1 plan

AWS monitoring and reporting (with resource transition report)

¥ 20,000 ~ (after a number N) ¥ 20,000 ~ (after a number N) monthly amount (sum) initial cost cost 4 instances as far as

The prices shown do not include tax.

Starting from 5 instances, monitoring and maintenance of1 instancecan be provided for <initial/monthly fee> + 5,000 yen. Monitoring and reporting is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as an option.

this (business organisation or place) Company Surveillance Center guest AWS

Simply set the monitoring server as the destination for themonitored instance with the agent installed, and it will start collecting information on the instance’s disk usage, load average, network usage, etc. Information can also be collected from instances other than virtual servers via the AWS API from the monitoring server. You can also receive failure notifications by sending emergency emails when monitoring thresholds are exceeded.

monitoring maintenance B2 plan

AWS monitoring and automatic recovery

¥ 10,000 ~ (after a number N) monthly amount (sum) ¥ 10,000 ~ (after a number N) initial cost cost 1 instance

The prices shown do not include tax.

24/7/365 AWS monitoring and automated failure response, recommended if you want AWS monitoring to quickly and automatically recover from failures.