Our Business/Commissioned Work

Web System Development

At MUB, we fully understand our clients’ objectives and improve their business efficiency.
We develop web systems, e-commerce sites, mobile sites, and other web system development in line with customer needs, as well as preparing user interfaces that are easy to operate and use, to develop the best web systems.
We provide value-added Web system development that not only meets your needs, but also adds value to your business.

Corporate website production

Websites are an important source of information for companies, as well as an information-gathering tool.
In addition to building a well-designed website, we provide a website that leads to actual inquiries and orders by conducting web marketing and tailoring the content to the client’s business. We also manage the environment necessary for site operation on behalf of our clients.

E-commerce site construction

We understand and analyze the characteristics of your services and products, and build a profitable e-commerce site. After building your e-commerce site, we will analyze the traffic to your site and support you in sending out email newsletters, campaigns, etc. We will also provide you with a shopping cart system that will allow you to build a profitable e-commerce site.

Landing page creation

Landing pages are one of the most important elements of a website to increase sales. Landing pages need to be improved, and LPO optimization will improve conversion rates.

Related Achievements

As an example, EC site related achievements

  • Building an e-commerce site for your store
  • Retail Ecommerce Site Construction
  • Access analysis system development, etc.