Plan C: For those who want to use AWS as cheaply as possible. Billing Agency Plan.

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plan C1 billing on behalf of a company

AWS Billing Agent

Against the total amount of the AWS fee, 10% will be our agency fee. 0 ¥ Initial cost

The prices shown do not include tax.

This billing service allows you to use AWS with no initial cost and no billing agent fee, with a substantial discount on AWS usage fees and free support.

*2 discount % 5 AWS Usage Fees
free commission
free AWSmash Support
Japanese Yen Invoices can be issued by
*3 available for purchase reserved instance
billing console viewable
free Account Issuance
note 1 free Account transfer support
ant option Monitoring, maintenance and operation
  • 1 If you already have an AWS account, you can use your existing account as is, but you must transfer to the AW-Smash plan.
  • 2 All AWS products, instance types, etc. will be discounted by 3% without limitation.
  • 3 Reserved instances are also subject to discounts.