Plan E4:Support for sudden large volume access with peace of mind

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plan E4 AWS Construction

Even when access is concentrated, auto scale settings ensure lean access processing

¥ 650,000 ~ (after a number N) 0 ¥ Initial cost

The prices shown do not include tax.

Set AutoScale.

Relational Database Service (RDS) is built in a Multi-AZ configuration.

The customer shall provide administrator rights to the console of the cloud service.

Backup configuration, installation of free certificates in the Application Load Balancer (ALB), HTTPS redirection, and display of maintenance pages are included in the fee.

Does not include fees for cloud services.

Does not include on-site work at the customer’s office, etc.

Our service is effective for the following problems

❶ Want to handle sudden access concentrations for ticket reservations, campaign ad distribution, etc.

❷ There is a large difference in access volume between normal times and immediately after service release.

Example of AWS configuration for this plan

*Configuration and settings may vary depending on your requirements.

Availability Zone Availability Zone Public subnet Public subnet AWS cloud VPC Public subnet Public subnet Amazon EC2 Amazon RDS Amazon RDS Amazon EC2 Slave master Auto Scaling Amazon EC2 Application Load Balancer Internet

AWS services used in this plan

Amazon EC2 (server environment) / AWS Auto Scaling (auto scale) / Amazon EBS (block storage) / Application Load Balancer (load balancing) / Amazon RDS (managed relational database)

The Plan’s construction items

Overall Design

Network design (segments, IP addresses, access control details, load balancing details)

Instance configuration specifications (instance size, disk space, accounts)

List of server instances and installed middleware


Launch instances provided by AWS (for server instances, use OS images provided by AWS)

Server instance: Until remote login is possible with one specific account

Load Balancing instance: up to balancing configuration

For Database instances: Up to administrator account access settings

VPC Configuration

Filtering settings

Up to the installation of specified middleware provided by the vendor as a standard package for the server instance.