2018 New Graduate Recruitment Offer Ceremony


Mashup Brain Inc.

2018 New Graduate Recruitment Offer Ceremony



“We’ll win even if it’s against our seniors.”

My strength is that I can keep trying. I demonstrated this strength the most in my experience in the Kyudo club when I was a student. There were no seniors for us, and we always lost our matches against seniors who were one level above us. To solve this problem, in addition to my regular practice, I did abdominal and back training and shooting practice every day in detention for 60 rounds. I also watched the better players at competitions and found out what I was not doing well in body building, so I practiced that. As a result, our team was able to win even when our seniors were our opponents. I will do my best to contribute to your company by catching up with your seniors in programming techniques and business operations as soon as possible by making use of this strength.

colonel (JSDF)

wisteria (esp. Japanese wisteria, Wisteria floribunda)

“Positive, especially positive.”

I have a positive attitude toward everything. I will join your company in April, and although there will be many things I do not understand in my work, I will make the most of the knowledge I acquired as a student and ask questions of my seniors. However, I will make the most of the knowledge I acquired as a student and ask questions to my seniors, and I will tackle every task with a positive attitude.



“We must not be complacent about the stable status quo.”

I am usually not satisfied with the status quo, always asking myself, “Could I have made a better choice? How else can we achieve better results? That is what I try to think about when I take action. I chose mashup brain as my first choice because I sympathized with the president’s message of not being complacent with the stable status quo and taking risks to venture into new areas. In my work, I am always thinking about how I can do a better job and what other means I can use to achieve better results. These are the questions I intend to keep in mind as I work. This is the first year that we are hiring new graduates, and I am sure that there are high expectations for those of us who received job offers in June. In order to meet those expectations as quickly as possible, I would like to work hard to contribute to the company by gradually increasing what I can do, while first of all, firmly achieving the goals in front of me.



It’s meeting new people at work. When I wonder how my seniors, who are different from me in age and experience, are doing their jobs and how they are writing beautiful code that I would never have thought of. I also think about how I can absorb skills from them. I get excited when I think about how the salary and the sense of fulfillment that comes with working for myself will change me.

colonel (JSDF)

wisteria (esp. Japanese wisteria, Wisteria floribunda)

I am very excited about the kind of work that awaits me when I work for your company, and the kind of people I will be working with at that time.



It is exciting to think about the customer being happy after the project I created.

colonel (JSDF)

wisteria (esp. Japanese wisteria, Wisteria floribunda)

I believe that there are responsibilities that come with the job, and some tasks that are much more difficult than those in school. I am anxious about whether I will be able to perform each of these tasks well.



I am worried that my lack of experience might be a drag on the team.



My concerns are whether I will be able to build relationships successfully. Also, as someone who has passed the employment interview, will I be able to meet the expectations placed on me? I am anxious.

Please tell us what you keep in mind when you face your work.

We get the job done right and fast.”

Ensure good communication within the team.”

Plan ahead, work efficiently, and control utilization rates.”

We will continue to gather and share information.”

We don’t make the same mistake twice, we document it, and we move on to the next one.”

Keep your desktop, files, etc. organized.”

If I don’t understand something, I try to summarize the main points and then ask minimally.”

I always write source code by thinking about the other person’s point of view, such as my boss or the customer. I always think about whether fixing one defect will affect others, and whether there are other defects that need to be fixed as well.

“How can I devise ways to make what I’m making more user-friendly for my customers and satisfy them?”

How can I contribute to the company? What do I have to do?”

Switch on and off firmly. When I’m at work, I work as hard as I can, and when I’m off, I rest as hard as I can.”

Make sure you report and communicate well.”

Always take notes and never ask the same question.”

When do you feel “fun” at work?

When someone thanks me.”

When you finish a job.”

“When you achieve your goals.”

That’s when I feel like I’ve grown.”

When things are going smoothly and ahead of schedule, with no mistakes.”

That’s when my bosses and customers appreciate me.”

When I reported back to my supervisor after completing a task, he thanked me and made me feel like I was working for the company.”

“Also, when I was fixing a problem, I found a glitch and reported it to the customer, who asked me to add it back, which made my job worthwhile.”

When something I’ve worked on comes to the customer’s doorstep.

When I feel I’m growing in my work.”

When I was recognized by my seniors and superiors.”

It’s when I feel like I’m making a contribution to the company.”

When they thank me.”

When I could feel that we were working together, like coming up with ideas.”

When we were able to solve a problem, such as a glitch.”

Please tell us what you keep in mind as a leader for the growth of individual staff members.

It’s not about giving them a quick answer, but letting them come to their own conclusions so they can think.”

“We’re willing to give them jobs they don’t have experience in so they can gain new skills and experience.”

I try to be a leader who is easy to talk to and well consulted.”

Our goal is to create an environment where people feel free to ask questions they don’t understand and can grow while having fun.”

What do you keep in mind for the growth of the team as a whole?

“Hold morning meetings and close communication to share information and issues.”

We make sure that only the leaders have information that the members don’t know.”

We think it’s important to share knowledge on both sides, and vice versa.”

We are working to make them aware of their responsibility as members of a team by sharing their thoughts and roles with them so that it doesn’t become an individual battle.”

Please tell us how you want your staff to feel about their work.

I want them to put the highest priority on customer satisfaction and to design and develop products from the standpoint of the customers who will actually use them.”

We want you to always approach your work, no matter how trivial, with a sense of ‘fun’ and ‘challenge.'”